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MIAMI BEE REMOVAL – Expertos en Remover Abejas!

Bee Removal is our specialty: We have been removing bees for more than 30 years. We Guarantee all of our bee removal and bee swarm removal jobs. Our prices are very competitive, and we give free friendly estimates. We look forward to your call. We are licensed and insured professionals. We will get the job done correctly the first time, so you can have peace of mind. You have made the best choice for your home, and for your family when you call us. more info...

Miami Bee Removal

James Orswell
(Azusa Canyon)
Cell (801) 419-8107
text or email best

Libbe HaLevy / Host and Producer

As a citizen-activist, I announced to my Facebook friends that I’d be doing a podcast on nuclear issues… and started Nuclear Hotseat on June 14, 2011. I’m not a scientist, a politician, a nuclear expert of any kind, but I am a trained journalist with a broadcast background. more info...

Libbe HaLevy - Nuclear Hotseat Blog and Podcast

Mrs. Fowler's 4th grade class!
Mrs. Nancy Fowler and student Amy B
Harrison Wing A - Rm 322 /New York
to add this link: "The Guide to Beekeeping for Adults and Kids"


LOA - All Health's Breaking Loose

All Health’s Breaking Loose, the Handbook is a program that guides you step by step down a path that will sculpt your body and purify your mind. more info...


Vanishing of the Bees - Honeybees have been mysteriously disappearing across the planet, literally vanishing from their hives.

... this documentary examines the alarming disappearance of honeybees and the greater meaning it holds about the relationship between mankind and mother earth. more info...

ALSO SEE: The Silence of the Bees

Vanishing of the Bees

Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend 2011 - Meet artisans & cool exhibitors at Celebration Weekend 2011. Discover over 120 exhibitors from near and far, representing travel, food, wine and beer, garden, home and design at this year's Celebration Weekend more info...

Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend 2011

Bee Catchers - Bee Catchers is a family owned and operated business. We offer fabulous customer service and honest rates. Bee Catchers does not charge by the hour or by the pound of honeycomb. 866-544-0074 / 818-987-7477 more info...


House of Bees - Beekeepers and gardeners providing seed and advice to people who are interested in attracting more bees to their gardens, orchards and apiaries. We are committed to increasing habitat for honeybees and native bees, as well as sharing our knowledge about natural beekeeping.
http://www.houseofbees.com; Web Store; Bee Garden Page

Bee Garden

Aganetha Dyck: Sculptor Bees
Aganetha Dyck is a sculptor, who initially worked with a range of sculptural media like wool, cigarettes and buttons. Since 1991 she has concentrated solely on collaborating with the honey bee as architect and places ordinary objects in apiary hives allowing the bees to create honeycomb to encrust the objects.

The Beekeeping Resource Guide - These resources provide comprehensive information on beekeeping:

Hibernation Diet

YouTube - The Hibernation Diet Explained <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3c1lbfhPLeM>

Hibernation Diet info

Union Nationale de l'Apiculture Française (UNAF)

Apiservices - Virtual Beekeeping Gallery
Information, products and services for beekeepers and bees.

Dadant and Sons, Inc. is a family owned business that has served the Beekeeping industry for over 140 years:

ProFlowers - Our marketplace is a collection of branded websites each offering high quality, perishable products shipped fresh from the supplier to the consumer and designed specifically around the way consumers shop:


The University of Florida Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab (HBREL) website:

The African Honey Bee Extension and Education Program website - clearinghouse for information about the African honeybee in Florida:

African Honeybee Extension and Education Program

MakeMead.net - The 1 gallon brewing specialists; your guide to brewing mead at home. Enjoy unique recipes, featured articles, and tips from other homebrewers.

African Honeybee Extension and Education Program

Xtra-Shop: A shopping site for sports supplement and weight loss products.

African Honeybee Extension and Education Program


Castle Dome Solutions has the exceptional skill sets, state of the art equipment and innovative solutions to help you save time and money in getting your ideas and products to market:

Castle Dome Solutions

Project Apis m (PAm) was established by beekeepers and orchardists in December, 2006, as a 'New Vision' to fund honey bee research on managed colonies:

Project Apis m

Master Pest Control - We save bees and use the most innovative tools for doing so. Call us for more information how we can remove your unwanted bees without killing them : http://www.beecontrolsacramento.com/

Project Apis m

Baby Monkey Baby clothes, onesies, toddler tees with Asian inspired images of Feng Shui. 100% Organic Cotton. Unique Baby Gift!:

Bee Removal:

Hive Pro Bee Removal Inc.
Specializing in live bee removal and structural repairs related to bee removal.
Matt Frank (owner)
(818) 351-7191
(310) 938-0867
Pest control license #: 6334

Hive Pro Bee Removal


Backwards Beekeepers
RESCUE HOTLINE: (213) 373-1104

Kevin Heydman

562-698-2335 ~ 24/7

Simon Sharf

Bill Lewis 818-312-1691/c
John Goit 661-728-9336
Jim Lindsay 213-210-7352/c
Greg Price 661-942-2822
John Inge 323-258-4266

www.haagen-dazs.com Ice Cream

www.nationalgeographic.com National Geographic

www.mannlakeltd.com The source for beekeeping & candle making supplies

www.betterbee.com Beekeepers serving beekeepers

www.beegeek.com Beekeeper's T-shirts, totebags, etc.

www.learnpysanky.com Learn to make your own pysanky at home

www.ABFnet.org American Beekeeping Federation

www.Honey.com National Honey Board

www.BeeCulture.com Magazine of American Beekeeping

www.beesouce.com Click "point of view" then "Joe Traynor"

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